Saying No To America’s Got Talent And A Record Deal

When you are lucky enough to be in a Rock band that is starting to get attention, there are some crazy opportunities that come up that, although tempting, we have to say no to….I am not talking about girls or drugs….We know drugs will never be in our way, as we have seen so many of our idols die way too early..Girls, I mean that’s an entirely different blog…..But when you have America’s Got Talent knocking at your door with a million dollar Prize dangling in front of our noses, it is tough to say no….But that is what we did….At first, it was exciting that they wanted us, and we could all smell the money, but after really looking at the bands that have been on the show and seeing that nothing really happened for them, and also looking at that long contract that basically said “sign your life away,” we decided as a band to just say No…I am sure it would have been fun to not shake Howie Mandel’s hand and stand next to Howard Stern and try to reach his long hands to say hi, but we felt we have worked too hard to sign a contract that just was going to be something we would regret after the competition. Since that day, we really don’t talk about it, as we all knew we did the right thing by saying thank you, but this one is not for us.

When we got offered a record deal, it was so exciting, but with the climate right now in the music biz, we decided to be independent so we can build our brand and our leverage for the right deal. Was not easy as all of us would love to say, yeah we are with so-and-so label….but for now, nobody owns us, and we can do anything we want with our music. Don’t get me wrong, everyone who approached us has been so nice, but as artists that grew up in the music scene, you can feel when certain opportunities are just not at the right time. We are very lucky that all my bandmates really respect each other, and we have families that truly support our dreams emotionally and sometimes financially when we run out of money for rehearsal time in the studio.

So right now we are just going to play, play, play, and play, until a Yoko Ono tries to break us up or we get the opportunity of a lifetime….all kidding aside, all we want to do is make great music and keep making fans.

So here is to saying No, until it is time to say Yes….
Reflections of LA is going to be interesting and happens to be one of our songs on the EP that I think you will like.
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-Wolfgang King of Melted Vinyl