Playing Rock Clubs On Sunset Strip Since I Was 7 Years Old And How We Ended Up Playing With Slash…..

I don’t know how many bands you can watch documentaries on that can say, “hey we started playing clubs like House Of Blues at the age of 7,” but believe it or not, that is how Melted Vinyl began. Landon, myself and Wolfgang belonged to an organization/school called Rock Nation, and we would see each other at the clubs in our cover bands that the music school put together. After running into each other and admiring each other’s playing on Zeppelin, Motorhead and Nirvana tunes for 4 years, I decided it was time to start an original band and leave the school. I had played with Landon (Bass) for a couple of years, so I knew I had my bass player, but now it came to the hard part in finding a really good singer and guitar player.
My father, who is a drummer as well, told me he would help and take me to all the rock schools to find our line up. We agreed not to rush as it would probably take months to find the talent level I wanted. I was 11 at this time, and Landon and I had performed over 50 live shows at clubs that most professional musicians would die to play at. The Whisky, House of Blues, Canyon Club, etc…So I decided that the next gig was going to be my last rock cover band gig. At this gig, Wolfgang and our old guitar player were playing right after us. When Wolfgang started to sing, I knew this was our guy. How lucky was that? One week after making my decision to start our untitled new Rock band we find Wolfgang singing like a Rock Star with hair down to his shoulders. The only problem, he was 16 and how the hell was I going to convince him to play with me and Landon, who were 11 and 12 years old. Well, I walked over to him and said that I was starting this new band, and he and his family said that they have watched me and Landon play and were blown away. So the next week, we started our band and named it Melted Vinyl.
We all clicked immediately, and original songs started to fly in at our rehearsals….Our first gig was at the Troubadour. We could not believe it…This is where the Eagles met and played, where Elton John did his first US performance, and where Guns and Roses performed during their early days. It was surreal, and we did our thing. After, the club promoter told us we had the green light to play anytime we wanted….We knew something was moving in the right direction. A direction that I’ve wanted my entire life.
2 months later we got asked to perform for a fundraiser, Shred Kids Cancer, in which about 10 bands played raising a lot of money for kids that touched our souls…we get a call from the promoter about 3 weeks before the event, and they told me and Wolfgang that Slash saw one of our videos and wanted us to play with him during the event. You could only imagine how freakin’ stoaked we were. We played 2 songs with him, and then our band (Melted Vinyl) won best original song in the competition.. A night none of us will ever forget.
And so our routine of hours in the studio rehearsing and then playing live kept moving with momentum, we got a call that we were asked to play a set at NAMM. If you don’t know what NAMM is, it is the biggest convention of musicians and the companies that endorse them. Owners of major music brands, such as Fender, Yamaha, and every other name you can imagine. It is a musician’s dream to be able to perform at this event. So we packed our parents’ cars with all our gear and headed out to Irvine Convention Center and find out that we are to go on right after Stevie Wonder……Another moment in time that none of us could believe… We go on, and we can immediately feel the energy and love from the crowd. When we get off the stage, I felt for the first time the feeling it is to be grabbed by adults. Some drunk, some just wanting to meet me and the guys. It was pretty scary, and after a couple of handshakes and people wanting to know more about us, my father escorted me out of the venue so I could breathe for a moment. It was a really weird feeling, and I still don’t know how to describe it.
We have now been playing non-stop for 3 years and have worked so hard, as a band and individually, to learn as much as we can. We hit the studio and had the honor to work with producer Mike Plotnikoff who found us playing at the Whisky one night and left his number with one of our parents. This guy has produced Kiss, My Chemical Romance, Aerosmith and Van Halen. Another dream come true, and now, we find ourselves in the studio recording our first EP that we want to share with you. 2 weeks after it got on iTunes and spotify, we get lucky again and start getting airplay on a couple of stations and will be doing our first live interview for a Colorado radio station…
We want to spread Rock to the next generation and bring Rock a new shot of energy that it so desperately deserves…We are now 15-21 years old and are ready to take it all to an entirely new level.

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We will continue to bring you music that comes from our hearts.

-Sam Kritzer of Melted Vinyl